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 turn off d light

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PostSubject: turn off d light   Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:04 am

A young Jamaican father-to-be
awakened the village doctor in
the middle of the night saying:
"Doc!Doc!Come fast now! Is ma
wife man! Her water is broken
man! She is about born a child
The doctor came over and told the
father "Hold the lamp higher! Hold
the lamp higher now!"
The father-to-be obliged, and
behold, a baby's cry was soon
...... The father cried out: "Praise
the Lord! A boy!
I is the proud father of A baby boy
The doctor again told the father,
"Hold the lamp higher! Hold the
lamp higher now man!".
The father again complied, and to
be sure, another cry was heard.
The father excitedly proclaimed:
"Is twins!! I got twins! I is doubly
blessed! Glory be to God!"
The doctor instructed, "Hold the
lamp higher! Hold the lamp higher
Sure enough, a THIRD cry was
heard! The father, somewhat
subdued, in a nervous tone,
muttered, "Oh. Thank ya Jesus."
The doctor repeated, "Hold the
lamp higher!. Hold the lamp
higher now man!", and a short
while yet a FOURTH cry was heard.
The father said nothing, being lost
in deep thought.
The doctor for a fifth time
commanded "Hold the lamp
higher man! Hold the lamp higher
The father then asked; "Doc, me
think we off the light now man.
You think maybe is the light that
attracting' them
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turn off d light
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