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 BIS and Blackberry Complete activation code in Nigeria

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PostSubject: BIS and Blackberry Complete activation code in Nigeria   Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:11 am

The major difference between BIS and BlackBerry Complete is that complete comes with limitations. Although most of these limitations will not be missed by an average BlackBerry user. BlackBerry Complete features limited browsing unlike BIS, which usually comes with unlimited internet browsing.

In addition, BlackBerry Complete supports only one third party internet email like GMail or Yahoo. So, if you want to receive emails from more than one source on your phone, go for BIS. However, you can also send and receive email using the built-in BlackBerry Mail.
BlackBerry BIS Prices and Codes

BlackBerry Internet Solutions, BIS, are for single individuals who need access to internet, social media, instant messaging, and email while on the move. Small firms that do not have corporate email infrastructure, but use ISP emails can also use BlackBerry internet Solution. This is the best option for everyday people who want full BlackBerry access. In Nigeria three types of BIS plans are common namely BIS Monthly, BIS Weekly, BIS Daily. Most Networks offer unlimited internet access with BlackBerry with a number of them stating an unspecified fair usage policy.
BlackBerry BIS Monthly Price

These are 30-day bundles:

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Month – N1,400 (Send COMONTH to 777)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N1,400 (Send BCM to 444)
MTN Blackberry BIS Complete Monthly - N1,500 (text BBC to 21600)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N1,500 (*499*3#)
Glo BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Month – N2,800 (Send BISMONTH to 777)
MTN Blackberry Unlimited BIS Monthly - N3,000 (text BIS to 21600)
Airtel BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Month – N3,000 (Send BISMONTH to 444)
Etisalat BlackBerry Unlimited BIS Monthly - N3,000 (dial *399*1#)
BlackBerry BIS Weekly

These are 7-day bundles:

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Week – N400 (Send CoWEEK to 777)
Airtel BlackBerry Complete – N400 (Send BCW to 444)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete – N500 (*499*3*1#)
MTN Blackberry BIS Complete Weekly - N500 text BBCWEEK to 21600
Glo BlackBerry BIS Week – N900 (Send BISWEEK to 777)
MTN Blackberry BIS Weekly - N1,000 text BBWEEK to 21600
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Week – N1,000 (Send BISWEEK to 444)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Weekly - N1,000 (dial *399*6#)
BlackBerry BIS Daily Price

24 hours BlackBerry Access:

Glo BlackBerry BIS Complete Day – N100 (Send CoDAY to 777)
Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Daily - *299*3*2# - N100
Airtel BlackBerry Complete Daily - Send BCD to 444 - N100
Airtel BlackBerry BIS Day - (24 hours) – N200 (Send BISDAY to 444)
Etisalat BlackBerry BIS Daily - N250 (dial *499*5#)
Glo BlackBerry BIS Day – N300 (Send BISDAY to 777)
BlackBerry Nigeria
BlackBerry BES Prices and Codes

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) is targeted at companies, especially those with corporate email infrastructure. If you want your mobile workers to securely access corporate IT infrastructure and email, BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is one of your options. It is a good idea to contact the network for further information on infrastructure required before using BES.

Glo BlackBerry BES Month – N4,200 (Send BESMONTH to 777)
Etisalat BES Monthly - N6,000
Glo BES Week - N1,400 (Send BESWEEK to 777)
Glo BES Day - N350 (Send BESDAY to 777)
BlackBerry Social plans Prices and Codes

BlackBerry Social is a striped down BIS that offers you access only to social media and instant messaging services like Twitter, Facebook, and BlackBerry Messanger. With BlackBerry Social, you can access limited internet browsing. You cannot access internet based email services like Yahoo & GMail only the built-in BlackBerry mail is supported. This service is for people who just want to keep in touch with friends on Social Media services like FaceBook and Twitter.

Glo Blackberry Social Monthly - N1,200 (text SOMonth to 777)
MTN Blackberry Social Monthly - N1,500 (text BBS to 21600)
Airtel BlackBerry Social Month – N1,200 (*440*4#)
Etisalat BlackBerry Social Monthly - N1,300 (dial *499*2#)
Glo Blackberry Social Weekly - N400 (text SOWeek to 777)
MTN BB Social Weekly - N450 (text BBSWEEK to 21600)
Airtel BB Social Week – N500 (dial *440*5#)
Etisalat BB Social Weekly - N400 (dial *499*2*1#)
Glo Blackberry Social Daily - N100 (text SODay to 777)
Airtel BlackBerry Social Daily – N500 (dial *440*6#)
Etisalat BB Social Daily - N100 (dial *499*2*2#)
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BIS and Blackberry Complete activation code in Nigeria
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