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 9ja movies ehn!

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PostSubject: 9ja movies ehn!    Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:03 am

It's only in 9ja movies u'll see this happening:
1. How can a ghost look left and right before
crossing the road? ‘Dem dey fear accident?’
2. Why does the TV go off by itself after the
‘breaking news’?
3. Why do all native doctors paint one eye?
4. Why must every advert Start with a loud
5. Why must every juju part be represented by
lightening and thunder under the bright sunlight?
6. Why do Nigerian movies always have part one to
7. How can Segun Arinze be Ramsey Noah’s dad…
Any resemblance?
8. Why will a blind mother say, “I’m happy to see
you my son”?
9. Why is Jim Iyke always coming back from
America and speaking with a fake British accent?
10. When will Pastor Ajidara stop being a fake
11. Why is it that the characters die or run mad
immediately after their confessions?
12. Which evil woman washed pant inside soup that
Tony Umez ate and became the god of Nollywood
13. Epic Village Movie Set in the 90s still finds
Mercy Johnson with Brazilian hair, how come?
14. How can N2bn fit into a small Ghana-Must-Go
15. Must all hired assassins be found in
uncompleted or abandoned buildings? ‘Na dem papa
16. Why must a film have Part 1,2, 3; Return of The
Film 1,2 and 3; and The Same Film ‘Reloaded’ 1,2
and 3? WHY!?
17. Will a Yoruba movie ever be complete without a
visit to the ‘Baba’?
18. Study: 9 out of 10 times, Olu Jacobs dies of
heart attack in Nollywood movies, why?
19. “15 years ago” and Ini Edo calls her Boyfriend
with a Bold 5..=D
How is this possible?
20. Why will the parents call their child 3 times
and ask him/her how many time did I callyou? ‘Dem
no sabi count?’
21. When poor people come to Lagos to struggle
they always make it, if na so why poor people still
dey Lagos?
22. Why is it that Ogogo is always innocent but
must be a victim of circumstances?
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9ja movies ehn!
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